School’s out for summer!!

June 7, 2012
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School year is over…as I drove Ava to school and we got in line for the drop-off, I got a little teary-eyed. I told Ava this was the last day I would be dropping her off on that side of the school, next year as a fifth grader, she gets to go in through the side of the building. Even James was like where did the time go? Yes, I know I felt like that on Saturday with Desi graduating high school, but Ava is our baby, she was our chance of seeing it all happen again – and it happened so fast! Tuesday I was able to attend the award ceremony. Ava was beaming that she made Honor Roll and the Superintendent’s List with her reading. I know some days have been hard for her, but I told her we would work on her weakness during the summer.

So proud of her!

Desiree looking beautiful as always!

It’s been a hectic week so far, but I managed to sneak in – a walk/run 2.12 in 31:06 at lunchtime on Monday and was able to get a quick run after work on Wednesday, 2.69 in 33:37. It was cloudy and every once in a while I would feel a drop of rain – but can’t decide if I rather run through that humidity or the sun…I am just never happy 😉


Beautiful Crazy Weekend

June 5, 2012
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Ava’s ballet recital was wonderful! She performed her routines beautifully and she said she had fun. My parents and my sister, Janett, were able to make it this year and a family friend, Kara, also joined us, we had a nice time watching the dancers. We laughed at how adorable the little ones were and were amazed at the competition girls. I did my usual running back and forth helping Ava get in and out of her costumes (totally forgot to put my pedometer on). And as soon as it was over Ava got her roses, a few pictures and we quickly went back home.

Now it was time for Desi’s graduation. The ceremony was held at Nova University and they asked that the graduates arrive at 5:15, the ceremony started at 7:30….so for more than 2 hours we waited on line. As usual, we watched in amazement as two people in line ahead of us brought in a party of close to 25 people with them, another person had their party of three people grow to more than 10. We were able to get descent seats, but of course we were on the wrong side of the arena, so we weren’t able to see her walk in or out. We did catch glimpses of her and she was beaming all night long. We had planned on going out to dinner but we didn’t leave until after 10:30 and we were all exhausted, so Desi’s graduation feast was the 24-hour drive through at McDonalds. We celebrated Sunday and went to B.J.’s restaurant and had a nice lunch before Stephen had to go to work. I told both Stephen and Desiree that no matter where they are, when Ava graduates I expect them both to be at her ceremony. Stephen said he would even be at her dance recitals. Gotta love my kids.  My parents, Janett, Lizzy, Jayden and Leilani came  to have some cake to celebrate and it was a nice Sunday afternoon, even if my Dad had to put on the soccer game to watch.

I did manage to run on Friday at lunchtime at work, did 2.57 miles in 30:08 and on Sunday did 2.96 in 37:36. I was out the door a little after 8:00 am, but it was getting hotter by the second. I filled my Nathan water bottle that Stephen gave me for Mother’s Day with Powerade and sipped it throughout my run – definitely liked it better than plain ice water. I wore my WISH 13.1 Princess Bondi Band and it didn’t budge the entire time. I think I had it too far back because towards the end the sweat was burning my eyes a bit. Next time, I will lower it a tad.

End of School Year….almost

June 2, 2012
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School is almost over for my daughters. Desiree graduates tomorrow night – we are all very happy for her. But it will be a crazy day for us because Ava also has her ballet recital earlier in the day – so that means running around Broward County.
For me – busy at work and trying to get some exercise in as well. Trying to work with the rain, I walked on Wednesday, doing 2.18 in 34:59 – my legs were hurting (shin splints possibly?), but I wanted to do something. Thursday I did 30 minutes in the gym and I ran 2.30 in 31.28 after work. It is just so hot – I don’t know how people run in the middle of the day – it was 7:15 pm when I left and the sun was setting, but it must have still been in the upper 80s.
I received my FuelBelt that I won from Moms Run This Town – I love it! Can’t wait to use it. Also recently received was my Flora by Gucci Bzzkit, as well as my Dr. Scholls Bzzkit – will do a review write up after this crazy weekend. Going to go to Macy’s (have a few gift cards that need to be used) tonight or tomorrow morning to find an outfit that I can wear to both events, since I won’t have time to change.


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