April 26, 2012
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Wednesday was a lazy day for me.  I had been invited to a soft opening of the Young at Art Museum.  Ava was very excited as she had been counting down the days to the opening of the new museum.


We arrived shortly after 4:00 pm, one of the first to arrive.  Whole Foods was outside offering snacks and drinks.  I took a banana and water, Ava took some chocolate chip cookies and a fruit juice.  We sat in the courtyard and enjoyed the quiet, catching up on her day at school.

When we entered the museum, we made our way to the back and worked our way forward.  While it is not 100% complete, the larger exhibits are in place.  One of the first pieces we encountered was The Great Wave.  The curtain was made of links.  Inside kids could climb to the top.  It was immediately one of Ava’s favorites.


The next room we visited was the Stomp room – kids were really excited to play and make noise on all of the different everyday household items.


Across the room was the puppeteer’s room – all the elements for kids to put on their own show.  It really was very pretty.


Ava just wanted to see it all and touch everything, so we moved over to the black light room – this was one of our favorite at the old place, so it was nice to see it recreated at their new home.  Passing through we came upon the New York area – a subway car, along with some Keith Haring characters made me feel very homesick.  Right off this area was an architectural dig site, they hadn’t poured the sand out yet, but nice to see this element was brought over from their previous home as well.  I like that they bought the wall from the party room to the new place with the different artists and sayings – recycle!!!  We passed through the Man in Bowler Hat area – loved how they used the links to create the image.


At the other end was a museum curator section….I could easily sit here for hours and just look at all the different slides.  This was my favorite area.


The young children’s section was themed around Alice in Wonderland – giant teapot, giant teacup, garden, a small kitchen, a reading area, and in the back a water play area that featured a woman’s silhouette of mosaic, with the tears pouring into the water play area.


This was really a great area – Ava really liked it and was saddened when told that upon opening only little kids would be allowed to play here.

We left shortly before 7, and Ava asked me to promise her to take her back, I said of course, I just wish I had the money to become a founding member so that she could at least go back for the next year.   The Museum and Library officially open on Saturday, May 5.  We can’t wait to see it completed.



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