Another Rainy Weekend

April 30, 2012
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Friday almost started off bad…..I stepped on the scale and I had gained a pound >.<  I blame all those desserts – cheesecake, cookies, cake, cupcakes….the list goes on.  I thought about running on the treadmill at lunch, but decided on cross-training instead.  I did some lunges – man those really kill me.  I am sore for a day now, unlike my first week where I was sore for about 3 days.  I am also doing some other exercises that are supposed to be good for my core.  Hoping this will all help my running.

Saturday started with clouds and rain.  I really didn’t have much planned except for taking Ava to Monica’s son – Jack – 2nd birthday party.  Ava didn’t want to go to Lowe’s Build and Grow, so we went to Target to pick up the gift and a Our Generation doll accessory that I had promised her.  After dropping Ava off at ballet, James and I went to do a little shopping, including getting a toothbrush and toothpaste for Teddy.  After ballet and Ava and I headed over to the birthday party – we had a nice time, rain and all.


Food, Glorious, Food

April 27, 2012
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

At work today we had a lunch and learn – I tried to be good and took just half a roast beef sandwich and then loaded my plate with fruit , with just a scoop of potato salad.  But at the very end was a tray of desserts….yes, my weakness.  I took a black and white cookie and a chocolate rugelach…..then I took another rugelach and a coconut macaroon.  I knew I had to run after work.  So I mapped out a run that would be close to 4 miles.

Fast forward to evening and home.   Ava helps me fill out her Reading Across Broward reading log – I thought she only read enough books to receive a participation award – but we fill out the entire sheet and she said she could have filled out another sheet.  I LOVE that she enjoys reading….just like her mom!  I see I have gotten my free sample of Mio – Blueberry Lemonade.  Publix had a display last night with a $1.00 off coupon – I picked up the Mandarin Orange.  Since I have given up drinking soda, I drink a lot more water – but HATE plain water, so Mio is perfect.  As soon as I got home from Publix I opened the Mandarin Orange and added a squirt to my water bottle that I had been walking around with for hours – I finished it immediately.  I hope the Blueberry Lemonade is good.  James made sausage and peppers – oh no – I know it’s going to be delicious, but I have not been eating very healthy, so I go change into my running clothes.  Ava sees me changing, next thing I know, she too has on her running clothes.  Quick change of plans – my 4 miles now become 2 miles, which I know she won’t be able to do, but she wants to join me, so she takes her electric scooter.

This worked better than I thought it would!  She goes slow, and I keep pace with her and I took shorter walk breaks than I normally do.  We cross paths with another mother with her daughter on a scooter and her daughter was yelling encouraging words to her – “Faster, come on you can do it!”  Ava and I had a good chuckle.  My run was 2.36 miles in 29:15 minutes – which included my few minutes of warmup and cool down.

I was right about dinner – it was delicious!!!

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April 26, 2012
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Wednesday was a lazy day for me.  I had been invited to a soft opening of the Young at Art Museum.  Ava was very excited as she had been counting down the days to the opening of the new museum.


We arrived shortly after 4:00 pm, one of the first to arrive.  Whole Foods was outside offering snacks and drinks.  I took a banana and water, Ava took some chocolate chip cookies and a fruit juice.  We sat in the courtyard and enjoyed the quiet, catching up on her day at school.

When we entered the museum, we made our way to the back and worked our way forward.  While it is not 100% complete, the larger exhibits are in place.  One of the first pieces we encountered was The Great Wave.  The curtain was made of links.  Inside kids could climb to the top.  It was immediately one of Ava’s favorites.


The next room we visited was the Stomp room – kids were really excited to play and make noise on all of the different everyday household items.


Across the room was the puppeteer’s room – all the elements for kids to put on their own show.  It really was very pretty.


Ava just wanted to see it all and touch everything, so we moved over to the black light room – this was one of our favorite at the old place, so it was nice to see it recreated at their new home.  Passing through we came upon the New York area – a subway car, along with some Keith Haring characters made me feel very homesick.  Right off this area was an architectural dig site, they hadn’t poured the sand out yet, but nice to see this element was brought over from their previous home as well.  I like that they bought the wall from the party room to the new place with the different artists and sayings – recycle!!!  We passed through the Man in Bowler Hat area – loved how they used the links to create the image.


At the other end was a museum curator section….I could easily sit here for hours and just look at all the different slides.  This was my favorite area.


The young children’s section was themed around Alice in Wonderland – giant teapot, giant teacup, garden, a small kitchen, a reading area, and in the back a water play area that featured a woman’s silhouette of mosaic, with the tears pouring into the water play area.


This was really a great area – Ava really liked it and was saddened when told that upon opening only little kids would be allowed to play here.

We left shortly before 7, and Ava asked me to promise her to take her back, I said of course, I just wish I had the money to become a founding member so that she could at least go back for the next year.   The Museum and Library officially open on Saturday, May 5.  We can’t wait to see it completed.

A cooler day!

April 25, 2012
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After Sunday’s way too hot for me run – on Monday I decided to use the treadmill at the office gym, did 3.31 miles at at 12.01 pace – wish all my outdoor runs went so smoothly!

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in South Florida, so I used the gym at lunchtime to do some weights and then went out at 7 for a run around the block – 2.19 miles at 12.49 pace. I think the cool air helped, but my allergies were really bad, so it could have been a tad better.

Watched GLEE last night and really enjoyed that they are developing Joe’s character more.  Can’t wait to see more of him.

Have to start planning my Keurig Vue House Party details….most of it is done, but want to decide exactly what other items I will have available.  Downloaded some of the favors from the website, may even pick up some other prizes to give away with the Bingo game.  Can’t wait to try all the different coffees/teas!

Stress No More!

April 23, 2012
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Last week was a little stressful – Ava had FCATs and she was stressing herself to the point of not even being able to sleep well 😦  She woke up not feeling well Thursday, but went to school to finish her testing and as soon as it was over she called me to go pick her up.  She ended up running a fever and has a cold/cough.

Running was secondary in my to do list – so my runs were like this:

Sunday, April 15:  3.21 miles at 12.57 pace – nice day with a little breeze

Thursday, April 19:  2.10 miles at 13.03 pace – rain is a coming – felt like I was swimming through the humidity!

Sunday, April 22:  3.16 miles at 12.51 pace – news said it 71 degrees – got outside and it was actually 84 degrees >.<

Friday was our local chapter Relay for Life….except that the rain really did come in and as the event was officially commencing, huge drops of rain came down.  I felt so bad for everyone, all that planning and effort, just to have to pack it up.  Woke up during the night to the thunder and lightning – hoped everyone had already left by then.

Saturday Memorial Hospital had a health expo – they were smart and moved it into the parking garage.  We only stayed for about 45 minutes – but we still enjoyed it.

Sunday – Earth day!  I had such high hopes to do something, but ended up just enjoying a quiet day at home.  So happy that there was a new episode of Once Upon a Time – but with Desi and Ava both “watching” the show with me, I will have to watch it again.

Looking forward to a good week and a few more runs.


Not a bad Friday the 13th

April 16, 2012
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Only when I got to work did I realize that it was Friday the 13th.  It was a pretty uneventful one at that.   Work is work – so at lunchtime I hit the treadmill at the gym and ran 3.82 in 40 minutes with a 2.5% incline…I wish my outside runs were as good.  Got home and James had a nice glass of wine waiting for me and he made sausage and peppers for dinner.   It was delicious – glad I had run at lunchtime.  After dinner, my two black cats and I sat and watched Grimm – really what else can you do on this day? 

Weekend just flew by.  Took Ava to Lowes Build and Grow to build the game they had this week.  While she was at ballet, James and I went to Penny’s – still trying to get used to their new sale system.  I did find a cute tank for $3.  I went to Publix in the afternoon – haven’t been there in a few weeks, but we wanted seltzer water and Wal-Mart doesn’t sell it.  I also wanted to take advantage of their $10 off a $50 gas gift card.  I picked up quite a bit of groceries that were buy one get one free.  Made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.  The pasta and sauce were buy one get one free and the meatballs were 2/$5 – so for less than $10 – we had a nice dinner that everyone enjoyed (yes, including Ava). 

Sunday morning I woke up at 4:30ish and I thought I was up for the day – but I stayed in bed, next thing I know I hear the cats running up and down the hallway and its 7:40!  Love sleeping in late.  After my coffee I went out for a run – 3.21 miles 41:39 and was it hot – it was near 80 degrees, but at least there was a nice breeze every once in a while.  I wore my size medium Avia skort that I found on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx and I am happy to say that it was comfortable and not too tight!  It was snug – but looked okay with a flowy tank that I have. 

Since everyone had to work, Ava and I went to Moms.  I took the orchid I had bought my Mom for Easter and Ava gave her the bird feeder she made at Home Depot last weekend.  I also took some clothes that were big on me and some that Ava had outgrown – this is my favorite form of recycling.   We enjoyed a nice lunch, ribs, mashed potatoes and rice with beans.   It was very good – my sisters teased my mom that she cooked an extra special lunch just for me!

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Fanesca – Love My Mom!

April 13, 2012
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I emailed James early in the day letting him know that I wanted to run after work, so I offered to handle dinner, because when he cooks, we all have to be at the table at 6! I know he appreciates the break of having to handle dinner every night, mostly because he doesn’t know what to cook. 

Went to see Mom and Dad at lunchtime.  My mom had made Fanesca, an Ecuadorean soup that she only makes on Good Friday.  Only problem was that she had one too many visitors that day and they finished it before I was able to have some.  So my Mom made another batch just so that I can have some – gotta Love Mom!  I love this soup – it’s so rich and hearty, made with all kinds of beans and cod fish.  I see on the internet most pictures show white beans – my mom uses dark beans J  I had a huge bowl of this soup, which I thoroughly enjoyed, told Mom that my lunch had been more than I normally would eat all day, but since it is only once a year, didn’t even feel guilty. 

I received my box HouseParty for my Keurig Vue, so first thing I did was dig into my box.  So excited to have the party, now just have to wait. I will try it out this weekend and perhaps head over to Bed Bath and Beyond, as apparently they are the only ones that have the Vue cups. 

Dinner was Little Caesar’s pizza – we love the cheese pizza bread and the kids like having leftovers to snack on the following day.   Did my Thursday night run of 2.2 miles in 29.13.  My knee is bothering me a bit – seems like whenever I do the elliptical (which I did on Wednesday during lunchtime) it tends to bother me a bit.  I have K-Tape, but want to try a knee brace first. 

Participated in my first Twitter Party, it was for Tide, hosted by SheSpeaks.  It was interesting and fun, but boy did it move fast!  I haven’t been actively involved in Twitter and want to, so I jumped right in. I couldn’t really follow all the “hosts” so basically I was reading what others were tweeting, I guess a delayed response is better than no response at all.  A lot of retweeting, some questions that we had to answer, a few giveaways and an hour passed.  Will try to those more often. 

So I am looking for a new book to read and had heard or read somewhere about 50 Shades of Gray.  So off to Amazon to search for the book.  As I am reading the summary, it sounds very familiar.  So I Google it and find out that it was originally a Twilight Fan Fic!  Another Google search and it is one that I had read a couple of years ago.  I remember while reading it that if the characters hadn’t been Edward and Bella, I may not have read it, plus there were others on a discussion board who thought it was good, so I finished reading it.  I think if I had to pay for it, I may be a little disappointed with the writing.   

Blue and Barefoot

April 11, 2012
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I used my blue and black 1” Sweaty Band today at work yesterday. I found it a little tight, but it stayed put once the little piece of elastic found the perfect spot to stop at in the back of my head. I noticed that it did not stay flat on my head – it seemed to sit on an angle.  After work I pulled my hair into a low ponytail and braided my hair – went for a run (2.21 miles – 29.19 mins) and it stayed in place and held all my little hairs in place.  Took pictures – but having technical issues with my phone.

I saw the new Barbie Katniss doll that is available for preorder and she is absolutely adorable! The eyes are very nicely done – and it does resemble Jennifer Lawrence a bit. It definitely is one of the nicer Barbie character dolls that has been released recently.
Listened to my favorite podcast yesterday, DIS Unplugged, missed a couple of episodes since I don’t have any plans to get up to Orlando anytime soon. I keep debating on signing up for the Tower of Terror run, unless I get a raise or a new job, just can’t put it in my budget. But back to the DIS – love them and have been a listener for years. They are a quirky bunch, and the conversation can go a little to the adult side, but I like their honest opinions. They just reviewed the new Fantasy and it sounds FABULOUS!!! I may have to play the lottery to see if I can go on a Disney cruise.
A few weeks ago I entered in the Toms Shoe Essie nailpolish giveaway and received a bottle of barefoot blue to participate in Barefoot for a Day on Tuesday, April 10, 2012. I did kickoff my shoes a number of times in the office and as soon as I walked in the house – shoes came off – it might have even been a good day to start running barefoot, but I see way too much broken glass on the sidewalk that I could see ending my day with a trip to the ER, so for my run, I had to wear my sneakers.

Learning to Jump Rope Again

April 10, 2012
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I picked up a $2 jump rope at Walmart this weekend – and no it wasn’t from the kids section!  Decided to use it today at lunchtime in the gym. What a SPAZ I am!  I was laughing so hard at myself – thought I was going to have an accident.  Seriously – how hard is it to jump a rope?  I see my 9 year old do it all day long!  Well, I had to start with baby steps….first doing two step skips – about 5 minutes later I was able to jump with both feet at the same time.  Then it took another 10 minutes to not get tangled in the rope for more than 5 jumps.  However – I did get a good cardio workout, which was my goal.  Once I get a little better I may actually buy a better rope.

Last night I had to cook dinner – James had to work the late shift, so he left some cutlets ready to cook.  In the mail was my Sweaty Bands!!!  The ones I won on The Marathon Show.  Aren’t they GORGEOUS?  I brought one in to work today to try out.  Will let you know how they work.

All Good Things Come to an End

April 8, 2012
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Quick review of my three day weekend…..
Friday – went for a quick run – 2.5 miles in 31 minutes – then headed to the Hollywood Beach. We were watching the dark clouds roll in from the west. Got lucky and were able to enjoy almost 2 hours of sun before those clouds got to the beach.

Stopped at Tijuana Flats for lunch and the rain really came down – along with unbelievable winds! I thought hurricane season had hit early!

Saturday – got up early, James made us a nice breakfast and off we went to the City’s Easter Egg Hunt. It never stops to amaze me how people drive here…running red lights with a car filled with children. Near the park – cars just cutting in front of others – no regard to the pedestrians. Really sad. Sadder was that we missed it. They never start the hunt on time – well this year they did and we were just at the gate when they started. So we came home and Ava (my little one) got her Easter present a day early – an electric  Razor scooter.

From there we went to Home Depot Kids Workshop where we made a bird feeder.

Then off to ballet and I spent the rest of the day cleaning her room.

Sunday – Went for a run 2.56 miles 33 minutes. Came home to find the door locked. Knocked and knocked, and knocked. So I finally just sat down and listened to Subsonic Radio – Love my Disney music 🙂 James finally came home and I was able to get my day started. Desi had to work…so we ran to Walmart picked up a small dinner – James is cooking, I am cleaning and will give myself a pedi now. Hope everyone is having a Happy Easter.

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