Keurig Vue HouseParty

May 2, 2012
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another rainy day in South Florida….but it’s okay, since I am cleaning and then this afternoon I will be hosting my HouseParty Keurig Vue party!!!  A few years ago I was actively involved with HouseParty, then I stopped.  A few weeks ago I stopped by the site to see what parties they had planned and saw one for Keurig Vue.  I know tons of people who love their Keurig (especially my friends over on the Disboards!)  and wanted to get one, but it never happened, so hoping that I might get selected, I applied.  We are coffee and tea drinkers in my family, so this would definitely be used.  I received the package a few weeks ago and I couldn’t wait to host the party.

James and I went to BJs to buy some muffins and croissants to serve and I had previously purchased coffee creamers at Publix when they had their buy one get one free, and used a $1.00 off coupon they had.  So all we needed was our guests.

Unfortunately the heavy rains kept some of my guests away.  But those that did come LOVED the Vue and had a great time.  Even the kids had a good time and enjoyed the hot chocolate that was provided.  It seemed that the Donut Shop coffee was the favorite, while I loved that my coffee stayed hot even after I add milk and creamer.

I briefly thought about running, but in the rain?  Nah.  Instead, I settled in and watched Once Upon a Time – am loving this show!!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Field trip time.  Ava’s school was going to Weather day at the new Marlins Stadium.  I was lucky enough to go as a chaperone.   Long and slow ride to the stadium during morning rush hour.  Well, more rain, so we knew that the roof would be closed, I hoped that it would stop and the sun would come out to see the roof retract, but that did not happen.  The stadium is very nice, however the sound system was poor – we hardly understood anything they were saying, so the children lost interest in the presentation.  Schools from all over South Florida were there and the noise level that these kids could make was unbelievable.  Yes, I did cover my ears a few times!  LOL!

The game was okay, the Marlins lost.  However they did score two homeruns, so we were able to see the home run celebration sculpture in action.  Not exactly my favorite sculpture – but the children liked it.

When we left, we walked down the ramps, but all the water was running as well and would puddle at the flat levels, so everyone had wet feet by the time we got to the bus.  Design flaw?  I don’t know, but with all the rain that we get here, someone should have thought about that.

It’s been way too long since I have been to a sporting event and I was mildly shocked at the prices.  $5 for a small bag of cotton candy, $4 for Cracker Jack, $10 for an individual pizza.  The children seemed to enjoy the field trip, and I was thankful to have been a part of it.

Yep, no running today, again.  Felt a little feverish, so by 8:15 I was in bed watching Dancing with the Stars, and honestly can’t tell you at what point I fell asleep.  I do remember listening to Jackie Evancho sing Ave Maria – WOW!  What a voice this little girl has!  Will probably end up purchasing some of her music – will help with those stressful days at work.

A cooler day!

April 25, 2012
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After Sunday’s way too hot for me run – on Monday I decided to use the treadmill at the office gym, did 3.31 miles at at 12.01 pace – wish all my outdoor runs went so smoothly!

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in South Florida, so I used the gym at lunchtime to do some weights and then went out at 7 for a run around the block – 2.19 miles at 12.49 pace. I think the cool air helped, but my allergies were really bad, so it could have been a tad better.

Watched GLEE last night and really enjoyed that they are developing Joe’s character more.  Can’t wait to see more of him.

Have to start planning my Keurig Vue House Party details….most of it is done, but want to decide exactly what other items I will have available.  Downloaded some of the favors from the website, may even pick up some other prizes to give away with the Bingo game.  Can’t wait to try all the different coffees/teas!

Fanesca – Love My Mom!

April 13, 2012
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I emailed James early in the day letting him know that I wanted to run after work, so I offered to handle dinner, because when he cooks, we all have to be at the table at 6! I know he appreciates the break of having to handle dinner every night, mostly because he doesn’t know what to cook. 

Went to see Mom and Dad at lunchtime.  My mom had made Fanesca, an Ecuadorean soup that she only makes on Good Friday.  Only problem was that she had one too many visitors that day and they finished it before I was able to have some.  So my Mom made another batch just so that I can have some – gotta Love Mom!  I love this soup – it’s so rich and hearty, made with all kinds of beans and cod fish.  I see on the internet most pictures show white beans – my mom uses dark beans J  I had a huge bowl of this soup, which I thoroughly enjoyed, told Mom that my lunch had been more than I normally would eat all day, but since it is only once a year, didn’t even feel guilty. 

I received my box HouseParty for my Keurig Vue, so first thing I did was dig into my box.  So excited to have the party, now just have to wait. I will try it out this weekend and perhaps head over to Bed Bath and Beyond, as apparently they are the only ones that have the Vue cups. 

Dinner was Little Caesar’s pizza – we love the cheese pizza bread and the kids like having leftovers to snack on the following day.   Did my Thursday night run of 2.2 miles in 29.13.  My knee is bothering me a bit – seems like whenever I do the elliptical (which I did on Wednesday during lunchtime) it tends to bother me a bit.  I have K-Tape, but want to try a knee brace first. 

Participated in my first Twitter Party, it was for Tide, hosted by SheSpeaks.  It was interesting and fun, but boy did it move fast!  I haven’t been actively involved in Twitter and want to, so I jumped right in. I couldn’t really follow all the “hosts” so basically I was reading what others were tweeting, I guess a delayed response is better than no response at all.  A lot of retweeting, some questions that we had to answer, a few giveaways and an hour passed.  Will try to those more often. 

So I am looking for a new book to read and had heard or read somewhere about 50 Shades of Gray.  So off to Amazon to search for the book.  As I am reading the summary, it sounds very familiar.  So I Google it and find out that it was originally a Twilight Fan Fic!  Another Google search and it is one that I had read a couple of years ago.  I remember while reading it that if the characters hadn’t been Edward and Bella, I may not have read it, plus there were others on a discussion board who thought it was good, so I finished reading it.  I think if I had to pay for it, I may be a little disappointed with the writing.   

Learning to Jump Rope Again

April 10, 2012
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I picked up a $2 jump rope at Walmart this weekend – and no it wasn’t from the kids section!  Decided to use it today at lunchtime in the gym. What a SPAZ I am!  I was laughing so hard at myself – thought I was going to have an accident.  Seriously – how hard is it to jump a rope?  I see my 9 year old do it all day long!  Well, I had to start with baby steps….first doing two step skips – about 5 minutes later I was able to jump with both feet at the same time.  Then it took another 10 minutes to not get tangled in the rope for more than 5 jumps.  However – I did get a good cardio workout, which was my goal.  Once I get a little better I may actually buy a better rope.

Last night I had to cook dinner – James had to work the late shift, so he left some cutlets ready to cook.  In the mail was my Sweaty Bands!!!  The ones I won on The Marathon Show.  Aren’t they GORGEOUS?  I brought one in to work today to try out.  Will let you know how they work.


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