Has it really been that long?

October 10, 2013
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I have been meaning to write for a while, but something else always comes up.  Story of every mother and father out there.  I can’t believe it is October 9th already – Holidays are right around the corner.  Of course one of my favorites is coming up shortly – Halloween! 

Ava and I will decorate this weekend.  I noticed James took out some decorations – but I have to dig up more.  We have a huge blow-up cat that we purchased at Walgreens last year – that definitely needs to go out.  Started scoping out the candy aisles – see what kind of fun candy we can give out. I did receive an email about Flipz in a fun size….that can be dangerous for me.  I love Flipz, especially white chocolate, so I am pretty sure if I buy it, I will eat it myself. 

My friend posted this picture of New York as she walked home – it is absolutely beautiful.  Don’t get me wrong, Florida has some spectacular sunsets, but there is something quite beautiful about walking towards the west side and seeing the traffic, the commuters, buildings and then this amethyst sky. 


amethyst sky



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