Love kids….not their germs

May 16, 2012
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So, I volunteered two days in one week at Ava’s school and I came away with not only spending quality time with my daughter and some great memories, but also with a cough.  I started running a fever on Wednesday, but mostly at night.  Friday I left work early to try to get some rest, hoping that my body could fight whatever I caught.  But, it did not help – I spent the whole weekend coughing.  James was concerned, he said I sounded as if I was drowning when I was sleeping (in between the coughing fits).

Mother’s day was nice.  Desiree bought me an armband for my iPod and Stephen gave me a Nathan handheld water bottle (warranty included…as he put it – its a pricey water bottle!).  Ava gave me a homemade card and a pair of cream color pumps 🙂  We went to my Mom’s house and she made lechon – it was so good! My father opened a bottle of wine, I only had a little, but I really enjoyed it – James made a point of the name so we can pick it up in the future.

I ended up going to the doctor because by now my ear was hurting….some cough medicine and antibiotics and I am on the road to recovery.  Can’t wait to feel better so I can go out for a run, I really miss it – who would have thought I would enjoy running as much as I am?



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