Off Tomorrow – 3 Day Weekend! | April 5, 2012

No, my office is not closed, but I will be taking the day off. I hope that the day is sunny and we can go to the beach. If not, my little one and I plan on painting eggs.

Didn’t do the gym yesterday :-(  My coworkers and I went out to celebrate winning a $20M job for our company. I tried to eat healthy – but don’t think the Shrimp and Lobster chowder is considered diet food. Today I won’t be able to do the gym, but plan on running after work. Running outside is really kicking my butt….so I plan on running outside as much as I can even though these hot days really make me want to run on the treadmill with the A/C on high!

I watched Joe from the Marathon Show the other day while he ran and had it televised. I jumped on and off and I actually won Sweaty Bands! Can’t wait to get them – I have long hair and usually just put it in a low ponytail, but I have all these short broken hair in the front that I hope this will help keep away from my face and stay in place. Will defintely post to let you know how they worked for me.


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